Finca Sophia

Getting high on coffee

Finca Sophia is a new boutique coffee farm in Bambito, Panama, which, at 2100m, counts among the highest altitude coffee farms in the world. The reveal of Finca Sophia’s new brand identity and limited edition packaging was synchronized with its inaugural Spring 2015 Gesha harvest—and it hit the scene with a bang.

The extreme elevation of the Finca Sophia coffee farm was captured though a quetzal, a native and beautifully-colored bird found in the Panamanian cloud forests. Inspired by the traditional Mola folk art from Panama, the design of the symbol pays homage to the country’s native artists and customs through its use of line, bold color, and simplicity of form. The bird both appears to be flying with wings extended upward as well as perched in a tree surrounded by leafy greenery—in the sky and grounded, just like the farm. The symbol is lofty and sophisticated, honoring Finca Sophia’s audacious goal to set the global standard for excellence and social responsibility in terroir coffee farming.

The name Finca Sophia is bold and stacked, allowing the diagonal created by the final “A”s to create a visual upward trajectory—referencing mountains and terraced terroir. Whether the symbol is positioned above or below the logotype, both configurations have an uplifted feeling.

Project Credits & Awards:
Awards: Silver Graphis Winner, Logo Design 9