Kite Hill

Revolutionary plant-based foods

Studio Scott was engaged to design new artisan almond milk yogurt packaging for Kite Hill, a revolutionary plant-based food company headquartered in Hayward, California. A premium product, the almond milk yogurt line was launched and sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

To make a strong visual connection to almonds—the originating and differentiating source of the yogurt—we used the recognizable teardrop almond shape as the package focal point (cup and lid). Acting as a vessel, the almond shape fills with a tightly cropped photograph of the main product ingredient to both identify flavor and reinforce its natural ingredients. The soft, pastel lid color palette—inspired by the yogurt itself—is set off by the slate grey “canvas” of the cup. This palette contrast both communicates the premium nature of the product and differentiates it in a competitive sea of light-colored yogurt packaging.

The Kite Hill almond milk yogurt line was one of the Top 10 new product launches in all of Whole Foods Grocery Department in 2015.

Project Credits & Awards:
Photos: Marshall Gordon
Awards: Silver, Graphis Design Annual 2017