Gonzaga University School of Law

The A to Zag of law

Established in 1912, Gonzaga School of Law in Spokane, Washington, sought to refresh its brand identity and admissions collateral, providing potential students with a compelling contemporary view of the school’s distinctions. A new identity line—“Pursuing Law. Finding Justice.”—highlighted the unique spirit of collaboration and action at Gonzaga.

To express this identity, we designed a suite of admissions materials with a bolder, more browsable look and a conversational feel. Pieces included a new viewbook, a facts brochure entitled “A to Zag” (a reference to the Gonzaga community), a recruiting piece, a series of note cards, and a template for eBlasts—using modern tools to share an updated view of Gonzaga’s enduring culture.

Project Credits & Awards:
Copywriting: Peterson Skolnick & Dodge