Stanford Law School

60+ moments in the history of Stanford Law School

When institutions recount their history, they typically highlight landmark dates and standard-setting achievements. “60+ Moments in the History of Stanford Law School,” an installation in Stanford Law School's main classroom building, takes an unconventional approach. This installation shares the story of Stanford Law through a sampling of fact, anecdote, and recollection—exploring Stanford Law’s origins, turning points, impact, innovations, history-makers, heroes, lore, and legend.

Constructed out of accordion-folded, 4'-0" tall brushed aluminum Dibond®, Stanford Law School’s history literally unfolds across three walls surrounding the central lobby staircase of F.I.R. Hall. The 71 brushed aluminum panels create a vibrant contrast to the pebbled concrete walls and remind students, faculty, alums, and friends that Stanford Law School has always done things a little differently.

Project Credits & Awards:
Photos: ©Tim Griffith
Copywriting: Peterson Skolnick & Dodge
Awards: Third place, 7th Annual International Design Awards (2014 Print Competition)