Marin Art and Garden Center

Inspire and Celebrate

Our team has designed a new brand identity and visual system for Marin Art and Garden Center, an 11-acre historic property in Ross, California, that welcomes nearly 100,000 people to its grounds every year—free of charge.

We know that for 75 years now, Marin Art and Garden Center has served as a gathering place for celebrations of every kind—celebrating nature, celebrating loved ones, celebrating art and enjoying music, as well as simply enjoying and being inspired by the gardens.

At its core, we found that Marin Art and Garden Center is a place to inspire and a place to celebrate. It is these traits—to Inspire and Celebrate—that are central to our new messaging and visual identity.

For a visual foundation, we looked to flowers—universal symbols for the positive attributes of love, hope, gratitude, remembrance. There is a reason why flowers are the centerpieces at most celebratory events as well as the fireworks of our gardens.

The new brand identity expresses the positivity of an open, blooming flower, the petals nestled like the center’s garden stepping stones. Striking a balance between geometry and flourish, the logotype’s letterforms feel like they are alive and growing—like the tendrils of a healthy, growing plant.

Brand positioning and messaging partner: David McGrane