Studio Scott partnered with Getty to create a new brand identity and design system that emphasized approachability and inclusivity and, above all, built understanding and appreciation—internally and externally—for the collective value of the Getty.

The Getty’s overall driving force is to benefit humanity, creating a human connection through arts and culture. So by simplifying its name from J. Paul Getty Trust to Getty, we quickly moved from what sounded like one man’s financial organization to an accessible, broader, vital organization.

Nodding to Saul Bass’s original seal-like mark set in Optima, we worked with typographer Roger Taylor to craft a custom humanist logotype that is clear, direct, and welcoming. We also created a typeface—Getty Humanist—to typographically unite the broad range of Getty programs and initiatives.

We created a robust design system that, through expressive and activated brand elements, sparks curiosity and allows art and cultural heritage to inspire and foster much-needed global understanding.

Thanks to Marshall Strategy, our brand strategy partners, Roger Taylor for creating the Getty Humanist typeface, and Area17 for translating our visual design system into a welcoming and expressive digital experience.

Awards: Silver, Graphis Design Annual 2021