Dev Bootcamp

The tech industry’s first immersive coding school

Dev Bootcamp—pioneer of the short-term immersive “web development bootcamp” with offices in Chicago, New York, San Diego, Seattle, Austin, Washington, DC, and San Francisco—was ready for a new identity to support its new brand positioning. Different from its competitors, Dev Bootcamp focuses on a holistic educational experience for its students, and these values were required to be at the heart of its new brand.

The logo’s strong and grounded letterforms reflect Dev Bootcamp’s proven and established program and vision, and the all lowercase lettering has an approachability and kindness that is true to its culture. The emphasis on the word “dev” highlights Dev Bootcamp’s focus on helping people become the developers they want to be. The intertwined double “o”s speak to collaboration, interconnectivity, and possibility—infusing the center of the mark with a beautiful and meaningful connection (their tagline is “Create beautiful and meaningful things”).

To capture the personality, creativity, and diversity of the Dev Bootcamp community, the first three of an avatar collection were designed using a circle, the Dev Bootcamp initials, and a limited alphabet of code. Each student and staff member would have the ability to create his or her own avatar based on the same criteria, building an ever-growing avatar community.

Project Credits & Awards:
Awards: Graphis Merit Award, Logo Design 9