True Story Foods

Better food for a brighter world

True Story is a brand that represents a noble idea that is honest and real: It’s the story of better tasting, better-for-you foods that you can believe in and feel good about serving to your family. Beginning with animals raised naturally and humanely on environmentally-sound farms, then hand-crafting its products in small batches to create truly great tasting foods, True Story Foods strives to create a market for products made from meat that is raised naturally—without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

Through graphics and storytelling, we set out to design a brand look that conveyed the wholesomeness of its products and truth behind its claims. The brand identity was hand-drawn much like a signature; whimsical illustrations were created to bring the product line to life; and lifestyle stories were written for each of the products to capture snapshots of everyday life and inspire healthy eating choices.

Project Credits & Awards:
Calligraphy: Georgia Deaver
Illustration: Wendy MacNaughton
Illustration & Animation: Dan Bransfield
Website Collaboration & Build: Terrain Design
Photography: Marshall Gordon