Bessemer Venture Partners

A long history of forward thinking

One of the oldest venture capital firms in the United States, Bessemer Venture Partners wanted to raise its profile as a top-tier venture capital firm—starting with positioning, branding, messaging and a visual look and feel that breathed new life into a compelling story.

To own its story, we wanted to switch the emphasis from “old” to “forging ahead.” The new brand identity evokes Bessemer’s origins and future—while Bessemer was born from innovations in steel that literally forged modern building and manufacturing, today it supports entrepreneurs who want to create revolutions of their own. The bold palette captures steel in its different forms—from the grays of raw steel to the greens of Corten steel to the range of blues and warm reds of tempered steel. And the overall visual system has a thoughtful energy that authentically supports Bessemer’s values.

Messaging: David Begler
Website & Digital Design: Kasman Design